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APG Network , The network for Airline services


IATA BSP Consolidator System

IBCS affords variable cost access for Airlines to 82 BSPs and 64,000 IATA travel agents worldwide. Jointly developed with IATA over ten years ago, APG Network has introduced more than 200 airlines into the Billing and Settlement Plans around the world.

IBCS allows big carriers to scout for incremental revenues from remote or marginal markets; and small carriers to penetrate and distribute their product in big markets on a “pay as you earn” basis.

Interline E-Ticketing

APG Network has built an Interline E-Ticketing “hub” with our partners Heli Air Monaco (YO, 747) and RESIBER. With the APG IET solution, airlines will only have to sign one single IET contract with Heli Air Monaco to regain lost interline revenues instead of signing dozens or even hundreds of bilateral agreements.


General Sales and Services Agency

General Sales and Services Agency or “commercial representation” services remain a core APG Network competency. These services, whether rendered by country, region or globally include marketing and sales promotion on behalf of the airline client and are carried out in both on-line and off-line markets.



ARC ASP Coordinator Program, Similar to the successful IBCS Program, APG Network, in close cooperation with ARC – the Airlines Reporting Corporation in the USA – has introduced the AACP – ARC ASP Coordination Program,The AACP Program enables both online and offline scheduled carriers to affordably access the US Market through the 18,200 ARC Accredited US Travel Agents and receive payment for their sales through the ARC Area Settlement Plan (ASP) on a variable cost basis.


Call Center

Multilingual Call Center Solution specialized for all kinds of airlines. Proved professional customer contact management including comprehensive back office services will improve your customer loyalty and provides the potential for differentiating from competitors through top quality services. Extended infrastructure security.



Fare Filling services

APG Network, using the proprietary FARE MANAGER software, electronically uploads international airfares for client airlines to the Airline Tariff Publishing Company. ATPCO electronically distributes the international airfares to travel agents via GDS. Published fares can be seen in GDS by all travel agents in a market while « Private fares » can be filed to individual travel agent Pseudo City Codes, viewable only by the specified agency.
APG FFS benefits include.



Launched in 1991 by five internationally recognized GSSAs from Egypt, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, APG Association aimed at linking and expanding each member’s business beyond the country’s borders.

The Travel Industry, and particularly airlines, after the first Gulf War, embraced the concept of “outsourcing” commercial services to third parties as it was already partially done for offline passengers and cargo sales services.

In 2006, to better reflect its global presence and the large spectrum of services offered, the Association became APG Global Associates.

In 2008, APG Global Associates has re-organized and has appointed a Chief Operating Officer to further develop and manage the service offfering growth.

In 2009, APG Global Associates launched its First User Meeting which took place in Jordan at the occasion of its bi-annual General Meeting. It is the starting point of what will develop as one of the major event of the Airline distribution sector.

In 2010, the second WORLD CONNECT meeting took place in Monaco where over 200 participants attended.