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Call Center

Multilingual Call Center Solution specialized for all kinds of airlines. Proved professional customer contact management including comprehensive back office services will improve your customer loyalty and provides the potential for differentiating from competitors through top quality services. Extended infrastructure security.

Target Audience

All airlines, large and small need APG CCS for worldwide professional customer contact management with flexible opening hours and “hotline” solutions. Despite the rise of the Internet, many customers still use the phone for contacting the airline.


Top-quality customer service makes the difference:

• 24/7 opening hours, covering all time zones

• 17 languages available from native speakers, further languages on request

• Professional customer contact handling focusing on immediate solutions for passengers already “on the move”

• Call center agents with profound airline experience

• “Single-point-processing”: Comprehensive contact management, including the call itself, and the “post-call” work to finalize the request at a single point of contact.

• Flexible hotline solutions for unexpected situations

• Adaptive customer contact - from low cost to premium

• Secured processes “Made in Germany”

• Proven infrastructure safety. Efficient and flexible pay-on-use fee.